Welcome to Elendil's Choice. A podcast where we explore the art of living and the real world challenges that make living your best life a difficulty. A journey as seen through the experiences of a husband, dad, coach, engineer, entrepreneur and athlete.

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Revisiting The Morning Routine

In this week’s episode, I want to revisit my morning routine. I'll discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and the tweaks I made so that it fits my lifestyle better...

Stoicism and Judgement

In this episode, we explore how the Stoics viewed our judgments of the world around us. We discuss how our judgments influence our lives, and how we can use Stoic phil...

Creating a Morning Routine

In this episode, we explore the elements that make up a good routine and look at how to construct such a routine. We discuss the importance of having a routine, and ho...

Dealing with Change

In this episode, we explore the difficulty of dealing with change. We look at some Stoic tools that can help us accept what fate provides.

Applying Minimalistic Concepts to Our Daily Lives

In this episode, we explore the minimalist lifestyle. We talk about the good and bad of going minimalist in your daily life. We also consider if there are parts of min...

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